Kanalco LTD. is one of the leading aluminum fabricators in North America. Kanalco LTD. works directly with architects, general contractors and installers to produce streamlined wall panel systems, column covers, canopies and cornices.

As a national metal fabricator we offer custom architectural cladding systems designed to fit your needs. Kanalco LTD. has projects throughout Canada and the United States fabricating composite panel systems, insulated panels, plate aluminum and copper systems.

Kanalco LTD. offers the knowledge, experience and manufacturing techniques to assist with all your metal cladding requirements.

Since its inception in 1986, Kanalco has diversified, designed and implemented a dynamic line of Rainscreen Wall Systems including Composite and Plate Panels, circular Column and Beam Covers, Cornices and Ornamental fabrications, all available in a variety of coatings and finishes in aluminum, zinc and stainless steel.

Each of our panel systems has been designed and tested to meet varying climates across North America. Our commitment to exceptional quality and service will ensure that Kanalco continues to lead in the design and supply of wall systems with a highly skilled production, management, and technical design team, accompanied by our state of the art CNC automated fabrication facility located in Bowmanville, Ontario.

Please contact us for design recommendations and cost analysis for your next building envelope solution.