Aluminum Plate Rainscreen

1. Product Name:

Metal building panels:
Kanalco aluminum wall panels (and column covers)

2. Manufacturer:

Kanalco Ltd.
Aluminum Panel Systems
345 Lake Road, Bowmanville,
Ontario, Canada L1C 4P8
Tel: 800-268-8139
Fax: 888-779-9914

3. Product Description:

The popularity of aluminum as a building material can be
attributed to the following: Formability: A unique combination of properties makes aluminum one of the most versatile of engineering and construction materials. It is highly ductile and formable. Lightweight: Aluminum is probably best known for its light weight, only one-third that of steel. But it can also be made very strong some of its alloys are stronger than structural steels. In addition, preformed aluminum panel systems are known to exceed the strength and fabrication capabilities of composite panels at no increase in cost. Easy maintenance: Painting or refinishing of aluminum products is eliminated. The only cleaning generally required is washing
with detergent and water. In inaccessible areas, rainfall is normally sufficient to keep aluminum clean. Attractive appearance: Aluminum is a bright, clean-looking material that blends well with all kinds of building materials. It readily accepts a wide range of surface finishes.

Finish integrity: An important property of aluminum is its chemical affinity for oxygen, which causes it to form a thin, tough, invisible and impervious film of oxide on its surface immediately on the metal’s exposure to air which is virtually impenetrable by the atmosphere once it has formed. Finishes adhere very tightly to the metal; this means that there is no flaking off of the oxide and continuous corrosive attack of the surface, and no colored wash-off to stain adjacent surfaces. Cost: The cost comparison of building materials is unrealistic if only initial outlay is considered. Total cost includes insurance, maintenance, custodial care, replacement and other factors. Of these, maintenance generally represents the highest cost. Aluminum is recognized as a long-lasting, easily maintained material for both interior and exterior architectural applications. Its smooth, dense, corrosion-resistant to dirt and maintenance.

Basic Use:

• Exterior or interior
• New construction or renovation
• Commercial or other applications
• Typical architectural use examples include
– exterior wall panels
– enclosure panels for lobbies
  and mezzanines
– entranceway treatments
– store fronts
– fascia panels
– flashing
– ceiling panels, soffits
– spandrel panels
– beam enclosures
– column covers
– escalator panels
– partitions
– wall trim and accent strips
– signage


For non-structural (non-load bearing) use only. Composition and Materials: Solid 3 mm (.125”) aluminum alloy (5005-H34 anodizing quality or 3003-H14 paint quality tensioned levelled sheet) is used to fabricate the many Kanalco architectural products, however other thicknesses or alloys are available. Materials, coming from the mill in sheet form and finished to customer specifications, are covered with strippable, protective plastic film and then formed or worked as required.

Flat metal is brake formed; curved panels are either brake or roll formed, depending on radius and direction of curve. Corners of pan-formed panels can be welded and ground smooth. Kanalco panels may be supplied as a composite panel with insulated core and flat liner sheet backing if desired.


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