Column Covers


1. Product Name:
Aluminum Column Covers
Stainless Steel Column Covers
2. Manufacturer:
Kanalco Ltd.
Aluminum Panel Systems
345 Lake Road, Bowmanville,
Ontario, Canada L1C 4P8
Tel: 800-268-8139
Fax: 888-779-9914

3. Product Description:
Structural columns of all materials, shapes
and sizes, e.g. metal, concrete, round,
square, etc. can be covered with stainless
steel or aluminum column covers for lasting
beauty, or aesthetic reasons. They can also
be used to conceal piping, electrical conduit
and other services being run within column
spaces (with proper access if necessary).
Metal column covers also offer protection
against wear, durability, and savings in both
maintenance time and costs.

Basic Use: