Column Covers

Aluminum Column Covers & Stainless Steel Column Covers

Structural columns of all materials, shapes and sizes, e.g. metal, concrete, round, square, etc. can be covered with stainless steel or aluminum column covers for lasting beauty, or aesthetic reasons. They can also be used to conceal piping, electrical conduit and other services being run within column spaces (with proper access if necessary). Metal column covers also offer protection against wear, durability, and savings in both maintenance time and costs.

Basic Use:
• Exterior or interior
• New construction or renovation
• Commercial and other applications
• May be used over square, round, rectangular or angular columns made of steel, concrete, masonry, wood or other materials
• May be combined with other materials e.g. marble, granite, tile, etc

Limitations: For non-structural (non-load bearing) use only.

Composition and Materials: Solid 1.5 mm (.062”) Type 304 stainless steel or up to 3 mm (.125”) aluminum is used to fabricate Kanalco column covers. Materials coming from the mill in sheet form are finished to customer specifications, covered with strippable, protective plastic film and then
formed or fabricated as required. Flat metal is brake formed; curved or rounded column covers are either brake or roll formed, depending on radius or direction of curve. Covers can be supplied in 1/2 circle, 1/4 circle or other configuration if desired. Column covers can be fluted vertically or
horizontally as desired, for design effect and/or to facilitate installation, as well as insulated where columns are located at mid-exterior wall (half inside, half outside). Snap-in flute inserts can be provided in range of accent colors, or matching finish. Using internal members is the most common
method of stiffening and fastening of column covers. Requirements for these members e.g. supports, fastening angels, alignment bars, sub-girts, brackets, clips, inserts, shims, etc. depend largely on the size and shape of the column. Generally galvanized steel is used for this purpose.

Finishes: The following finishes are offered by Kanalco:

Stainless Steel

  1. X-L Blend “S” (Excelsior) – for typical
    architectural applications.
  2. X-L Buff (AISI #8) – for a mirror-like
  3. No. 4 (Excelsior) brushed finish.
    Other finishes available upon request.


1. AA-A31 anodized Class 1, 18¨ μm
(.0007”) or class 2, 10 μm (.0004”)
finish in clear or range of manufacturer’s
standard architectural colors.

2. Duranar® fluoro-polymer enamel coating
with Kynar 500* resin in wide range of
architectural colors.
® Duranar is a registered trademark of PPG
Industries, Inc.

Kynar 500 is a registered trademark of Pennwalt


  1. Galvanized steel brackets or supports as
    detailed or required.
  2. Glass fibre insulation of thickness,
    density and thermal value as required.
  3. Snap-in flute inserts in accent colors, or
    matching finish.

Section widths or round columns radius as desired.
Length: (in one piece – 3.6 m (12’-0”)(in sections – unlimited.)

Stainless steel – 1.5 mm (.062”) is standard.
Other thicknesses available.

Aluminum – 3 mm (.125”) is standard.
Other thicknesses available.
Radiused Corners – 6 mm (1/4”) minimum

Brake or roller (roller die) forming can produce round, square or rectangular, angular or other shapes as desired. Kanalco can advise on proposed design configurations upon request.

Applicable Standards:
Kanalco column covers conform to:
ASTM A240 for Type 304 stainless steel.

Aluminum Association Designation
Systems for Aluminum Finishes.

AAMA (Architectural Aluminum Manufacturers
Association) 605 test requirements for Duranar finishes.

CSA G 164-M1981 or ASTM A 123-84 for galvanizing of steel brackets or supports,etc.
CSA W59-1989 for corner or other type welds.


Methods: Kanalco Ltd. are a custom manufacturer specializing in the metal fabrications field. Installation of Kanalco stainless steel and aluminum products is normally carried out by the appropriate trades and experienced installers according to specifications and approved shop drawings.

Kanalco fabricated metal products can be shipped anywhere in North America. Current cost data is available upon request.

Normal 1 year construction warranty.

For stainless steel and aluminum finishes, in most instances, only a periodic warm water wash and drying with a soft cloth is sufficient
to restore the original lustre. However, depending on the severity of dirt
accumulation, more elaborate cleaning procedures may be required. Consult with Kanalco for additional data. In the case of mirror-like stainless steel finishes, e.g. X-L Buff, the foregoing is still applicable however commercial creams are available which will provide added luster to these finishes.

Kanalco Ltd. can provide consultation from preliminary design through to product application, including the following:

  • Technical advice for both new work and
  • retrofit applications.
  • Finish samples.
  • Specification assistance.
  • Shop drawings.
  • Recommending contractor sources.
  • Site advice and recommendations.
  • Stainless Steel Wall Panels
  • Aluminum Wall Panels
  • Specialty Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • Insulated Panels


  • Additional Kanalco Ltd. MANU-DATA technical literature
  • Stainless Steel Wall Panels
  • Aluminum Wall Panels
  • Specialty Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • Insulated Panels

SPEC NOTE: The following material and fabrication clauses are arranged for inclusion in the “Sheet Metal Fabrications” or“Manufactured Wall Panels” specification Sections using the CSC/CSI 3-Part Section Format. Square brackets [ ] indicate alternatives, data required, or need for the specifier to make a decision.


  1. Column Covers
    Preformed [stainless steel] [aluminum]
    column covers as manufactured by
    Kanalco Ltd. and as follows:

.1 [Stainless steel]: Type 304 to ASTM
A240, 1.5 mm (.062”) thick, with [X-L
Blend “S” (Excelsior)] [X-L Buff (AISI8)] [No. 4 (Excelsior)] finish.

.2 Aluminum: [] alloy aluminum
sheet to AA and AAMA requirements, 3mm (.125”) thick, with architectural
[Class 1, 18 μm (.0007”)] [CLASS 2, 10 μm [.0004”)] [clear anodized] [color
anodized] AA-A31 finish [
color as selected.]
Kynar 500 finish [] color as selected.

.3 Screws: stainless steel to CSA B35.3-1962.

4 Gaskets: closed cell polyurethane foam, adhesive on two sides, release paper
SPEC NOTE: For item .5 below, refer to “Sealants” Section for data and insert
here as required.

.5 Sealants: in accordance with Section
07 [
], paragraph [], [] color [selected by [Consultant] [Engineer]].
SPEC NOTE: Specify item .6 or .7 below only when these items are used, otherwise delete.

.6 Isolation coating: [alkali resistant] [bituminous paint] [epoxy resin solution].

.7 Galvanized steel brackets, liner sheet, etc.: hot dipped galvanizing with zinc coating [600] g/m2 [(3.4 mils)] to CSA G 164-M1981 or ASTM A 123-84.

.8 Insulation: glass fibre, density [_ ___kg/m3 (_____psf)], flame spread [25], permeance 28.75 ng/(Pa.s.m2) (____perms), [RSI-(R)] indicated.

.9 Insulation adhesive: compatible with type of insulation and [zinc coated steel], uncombustible after curing.

.1 Fabricate column covers in accordance with specifications and approved shop drawings.

.2 Maximum allowable fabrication tolerances to be:
1 Panel bow: 0.2% of panel dimensions up to 0.187” maximum.

2 Width or length ± 0.80 mm (0.032”) up to 1220 mm (48”), ± 1.5 mm (0.064”) from 1220 mm to 3360 mm (48” to 144”).

3 Squareness: Maximum 4.7 mm
(0.187”) difference between diagonal measurements.
.3 Factory fabricate accessory and trim components, ready for installation.