Formed Metal

Kanalco Ltd. produces custom fabricated profile brake shapes for a wide variety of architectural applications, and pre-finished in a variety of popular anodized and painted finishes. Profiles are available in both aluminum and stainless steel. Exacting manufacturing standards, architectural flatness and forming versatility lend themselves to a host of specialty shapes. Metal profiles are an ideal medium for imaginative and discriminating architects, builders, designers, engineers and owners.
Aluminum finishes offered include Architectural
Class 1, 20 (um (.0007") or Class 2, 10
(um (.0004") in clear or standard anodized
colors, and mill finish. Paint finishes offered
include PPG Duranar® fluorocarbon coatings
containing Kynar 500* resin in a wide
range of architectural colors.
Stainless steel finishes offered are:
1. X-L Blend "S" (Excelsior) – for typical
2. X-L Buff (AISI #8) – for a mirror-like appearance.
3. No. 4 (Excelsior) brushed finish.
Powder coated and other finishes are also
available upon request.

Kanalco profiles are precisely formed with
radiused corners, reverse curves, small radius
curves, 90° angles, compound curves
and other shapes as desired. Brake or roll
forming (roller die) can produce an infinite
variety of shapes.

Thickness- .051", .062", .080", .090", .100",
.120", and .250”.

Widths- as desired up to 60" (1524 mm)
Lengths- as desired up to 14’-0” (4.3 m)

• Parapet flashing
• Window sills
• Mullion covers
• Coping
• Accent bands
• Column covers
• Cladding
• Closure trim
• Light diffusers (see reverse).

Shop formed profiles; provides for enhanced
quality manufacture to exact specifications
at relatively low cost.

Versatile:forming possibilities permits
innovative design at all budget levels.
Strong, rigid shapes: offers a degree of
flatness for creating smooth surfaces without
dimpling, buckling or oil canning.

Attractive: Kanalco formed profiles offer
virtually limitless colors, shapes and sizes
that blend beautifully with other materials.

Durability: Kanalco formed profiles provide
resistance to weather, corrosion, fire,
chalking, fade, humidity and wear.

Quick turnaround: Kanalco takes pride in
their ability to deliver materials promptly and
on time, even with accelerated construction

Kanalco metal fabrications conform to the
• CAN/CGSB-93.1M
• Aluminum Association Designation System
for Aluminum Finishes (clear or anodized).
• AAMA (Architectural Aluminum
Manufacturer's Association) #605 test
requirements for Duranar colored
coatings "Voluntary Specification for
High Performance Organic Coatings on
Architectural Extrusions and Panels".

Stainless Steel:
• ASTM A240 for Type 304.
• CSA W59-1989 for corner or other type

Kanalco Ltd. is a custom manufacturer specializing in the metal fabrication field. Installation of Kanalco formed metal profile products is normally carried out by the appropriate trades and experienced installers according to specifications and approved shop drawings.
Eliminate drainage onto profiles from other materials, such as chloride bearing cements and other corrosive materials. Fasteners should be concealed as much as possible for aesthetic reasons, and should have corrosion resistance equal to or better than the metal profile to eliminate later repairs. If possible always use stainless steel fasteners. The designer's specifications should be made clear to all trades whose work adjoins metal profiles that suitable precautions against damage must be maintained.
Kanalco fabricated metal products can be shipped worldwide. Current cost data is available upon request.
Normal one year construction warranty.

Kanalco Ltd. can provide consultation from preliminary design through to product application, including the following:
• Technical advice for both new work and retrofit applications
• Finish samples
• Specification assistance
• Shop drawings
• Recommending contractor sources
• Site advice and recommendations

Other literature available relating to Kanalco Ltd. products include:
• Aluminum Wall Panels
• Metal Column Covers
• Stainless Steel Wall Panels
• Reynobond Composite Panels
• Glazing Panels

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