Stainless Steel


Product Description:

The popularity of stainless steel as a building material can be attributed to the following:

Stainless outlasts other materials. Under normal conditions, it has a nearly unlimited life-span. This eliminates the need for replacement.

Easy Maintenance:
Painting or re-finishing of stainless building products is eliminated. The only cleaning generally required is washing with detergent and water. In inaccessible areas, rainfall is normally sufficient to keep stainless clean.

Attractive Appearance:

Stainless is a bright, clean-looking material that blends well with all kinds of building materials. Its reflective quality complements and highlights everything around it. It is available in a variety of finishes.

Corrosion resistance:
There is no possibility of corrosive surfaces forming on stainless steel and staining adjacent materials. The presence of chromuim in stainless steel forms an invisable, tenacious and highly protective chrome oxide film on the surface thereby creating a metal with infinite longevity.

The cost comparison of building materials is unrealistic if only initial outlay is considered. Total cost includes insurance, maintenance, custodial care, replacement and other factors. Of these maintenance generally represents the highest cost. Stainless steel is recognized as a long-lasting easily maintained material for both interior or exterior architectural applications. Its smooth, dense, corrosion-resistant surfaces minimizes the adhesion of dirt and maintenance.

Basic Use:

– Exterior or Interior

– New construction or renovation

– Commercial and other applications

– Typical and architectural use examples include:

– exterior wall panels

– enclosure panels for lobbies and mezzanines

– entrance way treatments

– store fronts

– fascia panels

– flashing

– ceiling panels, soffits

– spandrel panels

– beam enclosures

– column covers

– escalator panels

– partitions

– wall trim and accent strips


For non-structural (non-load bearing) use only.

Composition and Materials:

Solid 1.5 mm (.062″) Type 304 stainless steel is used to fabricate the many Kanalco architectural products, however other thicknesses are available. Materials coming from the mill in sheet form are finished to customer specifications, covered with strippable, protective plastic flim and then formed or worked as required.

Flat material is brake formed; curved panels are either brake or roll formed, depending on radius and direction of curve. Corners of pan-formed panels can be welded and ground smooth.

Kanalco supply the metal building panels only, or panels may be supplied as composite panel with insulated core and flat liner sheet backing if required. See accessories below.



1) Glass fibre insulation of thickness, density and thermal value as required.

2) Flat liner sheet of factory formed commercial quality sheet steel.


Width – Coil or sheet is available in up to 1220 mm (48″) width and may be slit to smaller widths.

Length – As desired, depending on material availability.

Thickness -1.5 mm (.062″) is standard. Other thicknesses available.

Radiused Corners – 6 mm (1/4″) minimum.


Brake or roll (roller die) forming can produce an infinite variety of shapes. Kanalco can advise on proposed design configurations upon request.

Applicable Standards:

Kanalco stainless steel fabrications conform to: ASTM A240 for Type 304 stainless steel. CSA G 164-M 1981 or ASTM A123-84 for galvanizing of steel brackets, liner sheet, etc. CSA W59-1989 for corner or other type welds.


Kanalco Ltd. are a custom manufacturer specializing in the metal fabrications field. Installation of Kanalco stainless steel products is normally carried out by the appropriate trades and experienced installers according to specifications and approved shop drawings.